tell me-
what is it you
plan to do with
your one wild
and precious life
Mary Oliver

Hi! I'm Meredith. I love Jesus, my precious friends and family, my goldendoodle Millie, lipstick, laughter, good music, and coffee. I'm unapologetically southern in my personality and style, and I'm passionate about capturing the expression of a moment- honestly, uniquely, joyfully. I believe in creating a legacy with how I live my "one wild and precious life" and in the way I document yours. 

Photography has been a sweet gift, as it affords me an avenue to feed that deep, indescribable need in my soul to experience the richness of the world God created. And that is essentially what drives the heart behind my business: I want to capture and preserve the sacred, magic-filled moments of whatever season of life you're in. I can't wait to meet you and hear your vision. Let's be friends!